(1) RO-RO Shipment
Ro-Ro shipping describes a vessel that has built-in ramps and allows the wheeled cargo to be (rolled on- rolled off) when the vessel is in port.

This is in contrast to Lo-Lo (Lift on-Lift off) vessels which use a crane to load and unload cargo.

Ro-Ro vessel is more often used for short distance shipping. The calling ports by this kind of vessel are very limited.

(2) Container-Loading Shipment
Container shipping is to pack the vehicles into a container before shipping them by an ocean vessel.

It is oftenly used for car shipping when the Ro-Ro and Bulk vessels are not available.

The vessel departure schedule is mostly regular terms and destination ports are widely spread all over the world.

(3) Bulk-Loading Shipment
Bulk vessel is an ocean-going vessel used to transport bulk cargo items.

It has large box-like hatches on its deck, designed to slide outboard for loading.

Bulk vessel is necessary for shipping heavy construction machinery and too big vehicles such as buses and heavy trucks.

Yet the schedule is irregular and the calling ports are limited.